Smith Lowe Panter Flynn White Tomorrow Night!

Patrick Smith is one of those great artists who can move fluidly through different projects and mediums and still retain a high level of quality and a consistent personal language. Patrick does many things, and does them all extremely well. From the highly influential Vector Park website, to his one and only comic published in the ganzfeld #1 (which may be the best "one off" comic's debuts I've ever read), to the beautiful design and animation of the website for the ganzfeld, to his large oil canvases, to the great video game Windosill(hope you have a couple spare uninterrupted hours...), to his fine pencil drawings, it's all overwhelmingly solid.
Recently, he has been working on a handful of abstract animated pieces, kinda like video paintings, and one of the great things about doing the NY pop-up for us, has been how the timing lined up perfectly for us to show these beautiful, just completed pieces tomorrow night at 7pm with musical accompaniment from Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens) playing live to the visuals.
Also playing will be the great swampy rock of Devin & Gary & Ross (the band of artists Devin Flynn and Gary Panter) accompanied with The Joshua White Light Show. Whoa.

Thursday, April 29, 7pm
70 Franklin st. NYC

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