Calling All Film Nerds.

One of things we try to do at Family, is bring in stuff you can't easily get on Amazon or at Borders. That's the fun of it right, you're going to find stuff you didn't even know existed. And we do a pretty god job of it, for the most part. But the one area of the store I always feel like we could push harder on, is the DVD section. Sure we have copies of Cartune Xprez and Cinemad, but the vast majority of dvds is stuff that is easy to find.
With that in mind, we (okay, just me, actually) have had two questions about our customers that have been bugging me for awhile. One, do our customers have blu ray players, and 2) do they have all region players, (and within that question is, do they have all-region blu ray players)? This has been on my mind lately, and we have slowly been adding blu rays to the shelves. But I figure now is the perfect time to truly test the waters, dig deep, and see what's what, with the recent UK releases from Arrow Video.
They just released a slew of incredibly nice editions of Fulci, Franco, Russ Meyer, and Romero movies, some not available in the states at all, and others titles, while available here, are being given the sort of deluxe Criterion-style treatment their american editions are sorely lacking. For instance, check these out:

So yeah, you can get Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead on blu ray in the US, no problem. But these are packed with crazy special features, double sided reversible covers, poster inserts and extra goodies. Amazing stuff that if you're a fan of these movies, you totally want.
And what about nice editions with awesome extras of these classics:

Holy Shit is right!

And everyone needs one of these in their house, obviously:

And if you're going to have one Italian screwball comedy in your collection, there is no other option than this:

All great stuff, and best of all, insanely affordable. Nothing over 30 bucks, and a bunch under $20. Except for the Russ Meyer box which is $75 for 18 movies-crazy good prices, way better than ordering from Amazon UK.
And more stuff is on the way. Arriving in the next few weeks are other imported titles, like copies of the great Burt Lancaster/John Cheever movie, The Swimmer, Ozu blu rays, a handful of British "Kitchen Sink" dramas, like The Taste of Honey and The Pleasure Girls, and a blu ray box set of Kenneth Anger films.
So let us know. June and July are the test months to see if any one gives a crap for all this stuff besides me. Hope people do, otherwise we won't any have an excuse to get these:

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