"In the deeper part of my upper thigh, all of a sudden a large crouching spider appears"

Our friends David Brook and Jonathan Harkham made a really nice record covering traditional Hassidic folksongs under then name Dark'cho, and it is being "released" today through Shemspeed Records. I've posted some of the songs below.

B'cha Batcho
<a href="http://shemspeed.bandcamp.com/track/bcha-batcho">B'cha Batcho by Shemspeed</a>

Ki Hinei
<a href="http://shemspeed.bandcamp.com/track/ki-hinei">Ki Hinei by Shemspeed</a>

Mah Lecho
<a href="http://shemspeed.bandcamp.com/track/mah-lecho">Mah Lecho by Shemspeed</a>

More songs and info Here.

David Brook's site.

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