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Hipnostasis - by Raymond Pettibon/Y. Okon. Silkscreened and letter-pressed catalogue/artist's book/zine covering the collaborative Pettibon/Okon exhibition at the Armory Center for the Arts. Limited to 100 numbered copies!

Utopics - A stunningly designed art book glossary of spaces and communities created by artists and individuals to develop alternative modes of living. Edited by Simon Lamuniere

Self Portraits: Fictions - by Frederic Tuten. Interrelated short stories where a lonely man lectures circus bears on the history of art, and a young man barters with pirates for the soul of his grandmother. Tuten acted in a Alan Resnais film, taught with Paul Bowles in Morocco, and co-wrote the film Possession with Andrzej Zulawski

Gaz's Rockin Blues - Comprehensive book of Gaz Mayall's fliers from London's longest running one-nighter club

Range of new zines published by My Orange Box

Two new collage and drawing zines by Martin Bell, published by Serps

The Genesis - Riso zine by Dave Potes of Hamburger Eyes, published by Swill Children

Condiment Magazine - A publication and project-base exploring the relationship between food and creativity, and food and community

Sherne - Drawing jamz zine by Matthew Thurber and Billy Grant

Stick of Green Candy - by Denton Welch/Jane Bowles. Illustrated by Colter Jacobsen. Bowles (1917–1973) and Welch (1915–1948) share a perceptiveness and surgical lucidity for moods and surfaces that William Burroughs, a fan of both authors, remarked upon: “both writers are masters of the unforgettable phrase that no one else could have written… each has a very special way of seeing things.”

Real Deal Magazines - by Lawrence Hubbard. original copies of issues through the 80s from Hubbard's basement! The mysterious Real Deal Magazine, from Compton Los Angeles is a six-issue masterpiece. One of the rare, contemporary, Black created and published comics, Real Deal depicts L.A. underworld life with visceral, bone-dry humor and gross out violence rendered in Lawrence Hubbard's (aka "Raw Dawg") uniquely gnarly line, and written by H.P. McElwee (aka "R.D. Bone").

Ein Magazin über Orte 7, Sea

Touchable Sound - focuses on rare, labor-intensive, exquisite and unique examples of American seven-inch record design spanning nearly 25 years. Editorial contributors include Henry Owings (Drug Racer Records, Chunklet magazine), Sam McPheeters (Vermiform Records), Tom Hazelmyer (Amphetamine Reptile Records), Kristin Thompson (Simple Machines Records) and more. Designed by Brian Roettinger, the book contains photographs of every record documented.

Heads - by Mat Brinkman. Printed on fine velumn with extra dense black ink which was quick-dried with UV lamps. Watch as marks coalesce, animate, and come alive

New issue of Journal Magazine: David Blaine, Juergen Teller, Harmony Korine & Mark Gonzales, Pablo Picasso (the band), Jason Schwartzman, Bill Saylor etc

Loyal #11 - new issue curated by Joe Grillo and Dearraindrop. Features: Yamantaka Eye, Devin Flynn, Steve Powers, Ron Rege JR, Jim Drain, Mat Brinkman, Brian Chippendale, and dozens more

Writing on Sound - by Bruce Russell. Essays on sound by the Dead C stalwart

Stoopz - by Ari Marcopolous. Early 90s, black and white photographs and Polaroids from this influential period, as well as a series of large scale photocopied images, published by Oh Wow

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