People have been asking, so I thought I should give a short status update on Crickets availability. Currently you can get copies from Family and the PictureBox sites. Copies went out last week to Quimby's in Chicago, The Drawn & Quarterly and Fantagraphics stores in Montreal and Seattle, as well as Spit And A Half (go to that site-they have shit I didn't know you could find anymore, what an awesome resource), and Last Gasp. So it should be available any day now from those places. Shops that ordered it through Diamond get it next week on the 29th, if they are in the north east, and the rest of the world January 12th.
And that's that. The book is selling way better than I expected across the board. I have just over a hundred copies left. So that's good and surprising and humbling and oddly life affirming (retail has fucked me up). And it means I can do Crickets 4 in the same exact format if need be. I should get on that. These fucking things totally don't draw themselves!

And here are some bonus images from the ol' reference file for this otherwise useless post:

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Anonymous Pat said...

Awesome to hear that it's doing so well. I will be all over #4 however it hits. #3 was terrific stuff, as usual. Black Death, Schmack Death, more Blood of the Virgin would be A-OK in my book.

Did you ever end up doing that Road Warrior inspired piece?

Thanks for the sketch in Brooklyn!

8:02 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

More Blood of the Virgin, then when it's totally done, I'll work on doing/finishing Schmack Death. glad you like it!
There will be a slight break from Blood of the Virgin to do a short strip for the next Kramers, and it might be something with crashing cars and motorcycles, yes. Doubt it'll be overtly mad max (maybe I'll just put leather pants on someone). regardless, I feel like I have to do a mad max type thing, even just a one pager or mini, sometime this year, since I owe it to John Pham, who I badgered into make his great Road Warrior comic in Sublife #2 (maybe the only reason to share a studio is so you can do that-badger other artists into drawings things you don't want to draw). so I owe him. this is the thing: car chases and crashes are great in comics (see: Kevin H's Wild Kingdom), and rarely done well, but its a fucking nightmare drawing loads of cars for pages on end. just ask pham.


2:01 PM  

Anonymous Pat said...


"Next Kramers"? Say whaaaaaa?

2:38 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

there is always a next kramers. till I am dead. one of the few constants in this life.

3:03 PM  

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