comics notes.

-Crickets #3 is sold out. I think the last place to get it is at the PictureBox website, Right Here (if you're a retailer/distro'r and you have copies, let me know so I can tell people).
-I did my first newspaper strip, a guest fill-in on Amazing Facts and Beyond, published in the St Louis weekly, The River Front Times. Read it here.

posted by sammy at 11:27 AM

Blogger Alex said...

Crickets #3 was the jam.

4:07 PM  

Anonymous VOMITS VOMITS said...

i re-read C#3 just yesterday, finally realized the connection between the hotel and the painting in the new yorker strip. i wanna see the whole kafka comic though.

so........issue 4? just kidding.


3:10 AM  

Blogger sammy said...

alex! thanks man. I recently got turned on to your strips through a friend and have really liked them. good stuff man.
vomits, thats funny-I never thought that that connection was obtuse at all. am glad you eventually got it.
issue 4 is happening, no kidding. actively working on it. though since the page count is 48-53 pages like #3, it'll be awhile....

9:52 AM  

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