Mat Brinkman is The visceral artist. His form is his content. Hard, confident scraggily lines of skulls, monsters and castles. His work rises above the genre trappings because of its innate visual power, humor, and inventiveness. He works on a lot of projects, but very little is hard to come by if you dont live near by (which, sadly, I don't). Every once in awhile I look around the lousy internet trying to find a crumb of his somewhere. Today I found these two screenprints featured in a show in october 2005.

His most widely available thing is the book TERATOID HEIGHTS (see below) that has most of the short strips he has done in mini comics and in Paper Rodeo, the free comics tabloid he edited and published. It's a beautiful little book-the cover is silver ink on black paper with a wrap around paper band being the only place with the title. inside stories about monsters pissing off other monsters, hugging, being goofy, fighting, bored. Basically stories about mudane human life, but given a new perspetive by doing away with exterior parts, seemingly, and dwelling on universal human folly.

this is from his recent story Multiforce (aka TWO DUDES). it ran in Paper Rodeo.

to read a bunch of short strips go to the Fort Thunder website.

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