Soft Focus

The best show on tv is not on tv, but on Vice TV. Utterly no frills, except for the gold curtain backdrop serving as an echo to the golden age of talk shows of the seventies like The Dick Cavett Show, Soft Focus is incredibly compelling viewing. Filmed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, each episode is Ian Svenonius sitting down for a long in depth interview with someone from the wide world of music. Svenonius is a great interviewer and really gets the best out of his guests and is not afraid to let things veer far from the subject at hand, as he always finds a way back to the main conversation. A talent that makes interview subjects that you hear about a million times before and had no interest in whatsoever, such as Henry Rollins, interesting.
So far, there have been four shows, and I recommend starting at the first with Will Oldham (one of the best Oldham interviews ever) and working your way to the latest. Why something this good isn't on prime time is insane but I guess also obvious.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exscuse me Fambly, but do your shops carry record from Sads?

11:48 AM  

Blogger sammy said...

yes. and what a record!

12:21 AM  

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