Svenonius Instore Report.

This past Sunday March 11, we continued our run of rad events when the one and only Ian Svenonius came by to give a presentation on his truly amazing book The Pyschic Soviet, as well as sign some books, and meet the good people of Los Angeles. With a small Soviet flag draped over the projector, the presentation was a short film told in still photos with four willing members of the audience given a script, and Ian passing the mic around. The film showed two men and two women, each representing four types of consumer-the hip hop vinyl-fetishist, the post grad student, the herbalist, and the casual layman discussing the secret meaning of rock and roll. Covering such ground as satanism, the depression, the white album, false prophets, and the use of the blues to give phony credibility to this new youth craze, our four characters argued and butted heads going far and wide in the search for truth, but still, in the process, discovered the secret, barely concealed cold war tactics innately contained within rock and roll, the new insidious religion of the modern world, and the emergence of consumerism was clearly pinpointed. Yet right when a Soviet Anthem record played backward was about to give the antidote to this curse, our hip hop fellow's finger got too tired to reveal it all.
The packed house took it all well with no one collapsing in shock or need of calling a priest. And awesome event and if you are on the west coast you should make sure to catch this fine touring Event as it winds its way north over the next week.
Some stills:

A barely comprehensive document sure, but proof it did take place!

Svenonius with the radical Moomin! A favorite of his and ours.

Kramer and Svenonius Ponder what IT means.

Also, signed copies The Psychic Soviet are available while supplies last.
Also also, we will have copies of the Svenonius/Crane print (see below) available for online purchase soon.

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