new prints

New prints in the space where the Paper Rad Future Genies were. Those sweet dudes are sold and gone which is sort of a bummer, but we've got to look toward the future despite how bleak! It's what they would have wanted.

This brand new one by C.F. titled "Deny 1" is the only one of the following online for our estranged (ie non-californian) friends:

Matthew Thurber dropped off 3 different insane posters, but here's only a photo of one:

And Dan Zettwoch starts his series of rad St. Louis folk icons with this massive Lou Thesz poster printed with gold ink on chipboard!

And these all the way from London by Will Sweeney:

Attack on Rastapopolis

Helmut's Stuka

High Speed Kumquat

Sweeney with Susumu Mukai:

and Susumu Mukai going solo:

And this last one by Andrew Jeffrey Wright is printed on a shirt, but that still counts sort of not really but it is cool (and also online for sale):

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