summer readings starts sunday

Our first in a series of readings curated by Trinie Dalton (author of Wide Eyed, editor of the Mcsweeney's art book Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is).

Sunday, 8:30pm!

These are writers of the rulingmost order and we are stoked and honored to have them read at Family.
Benjamin Weissman is an artist and writer whose most recent collection is Headless. Here's the beginning of a story called 'Marnie'.

"The first time I saw Marnie naked, she was lying on her back in an ambulance while two paramedics cut her yellow Burton shell off her torso. The zipper must've been caught on the fabric. The medical boys sliced her jacket and all the fleece underlayers right up the middle with a razor-sharp scissors as if she were a fish. They needed to get to her heart. Didn't we all? I stood a few feet from the sliding door of the ambulance in full ski gear, gawking, mouth open, the ultimate perv. Red ski patrolmen floated by, big white crosses on their backs. They nodded at me and turned away."

Joshuah Bearman is a regular contributor to Mcsweeney's and The Believer. Here's the beginning of a story called 'But Will it Bring Back the Dinosaurs?'

"In a few weeks, researchers at the Brookhaven National Laboratory will culminate 17 years of planning and construction and collide two beams of accelerated and highly energetic gold ions in order to probe the frontiers of physics. It will be the first experiment at Brookhaven's newest facility, the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC or "Rick" for short), a long-awaited particle accelerator that will be capable of shooting bigger particles at greater energies than any of its predecessors. Within these fiery collisions, scientists hope to produce an elusive substance known as "quark-gluon plasma," a sort of ur-matter that physicists think probably existed in the first milliseconds after the Big Bang. Observing quark-gluon plasma would tell us about the nature of matter and the birth of the universe¬óbig news in science circles."

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