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I have been wanting to write about this for a while but haven't gotten around to it, and I think it's getting really good now so I'll share. My friend and all around nice guy Phil Blankenship (who also runs the great LA-based noise/experimental label Troniks) started working with Amoeba and doing these midnight screenings on saturday nights at the New Beverly which is located five minutes around the corner from Family.

Rumors of Phil's excessive video collection have long been heard of, so it's no surprise he decided to eventually push some of his favorites on people, and with good reason, because if it's one thing Phil knows about, it's good movies (or good sounds, or walking places).

I personally have been blowing it and have yet to attend any of the screenings, but that's about to change. Phil has lined up some primary choices that you shouldn't miss like Howard the Duck on September 29th, and Joysticks on October 27th (apparently this one is going to be insane, I heard Phil's roommate is even making extra keys to their house to hand out to women who attend).

I feel extra lucky living in LA when these kinds of things pop up, so try to come out and support because this kind of stuff does not happen all the time. Plus you get to go out late at night and hang with friends and NOT be in a bar. Have you ever been to a bar in LA on a saturday night? Have you ever been to a bar on a weeknight in LA?!

for show times and upcoming films check out:

and for some harsh sounds give Troniks website a look too, hey, why not?

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Thanks for the kind words Nate! If anybody is curious to see the tip of my video collection, check out my blog at:

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