Best of 2007 (again)!

Ok, this record for me is my favorite from 2007. I ignored hearing it because everybody was talking about how great it was, like you know how online media sites pick one techno record every year and talk about how amazing it is etc, but when I finally heard this and listened it blew me away. Kompakt (and techno music in general) has become my favorite music but this record kind of shattered everything for me. Kompakt is still maybe the only label where I can buy anything without hearing it and know I'll like it. The songs are so simple and he just drops a drum machine line under almost all the tracks but the feelings that come from it are really pure I think. This music was my cool down in autumn and my heat up in winter and I listen to it more than anything I can think of really. I don't know if it's for everyone and that is ok but it always puts me in a good mood and gets me pumped for doing things and even mellows me out too and that is the best.

posted by NATE at 1:51 PM