Gary Panter destroys L.A.

Next Monday, the 26th of May, the great Gary Panter is coming to Family in conjunction with his long awaited mega tome from Picture Box.
Things kick off with a musical performance from Gary and artist Devin Flynn, followed by a chance to get your copy signed by the man himself. But wait! After that, The Cinefamily is going to host a night of movies curated by Gary.
Gary Panter is, without a doubt, one of the most influential artists of the last 40 years, as cartoonist, designer, painter, musician, sculptor, and even light show maker. He helped define the aesthetic of punk rock with his work with Slash Magazine and numerous punk rock covers and posters, has won Emmy's for his design of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, has done light shows with Alan Licht, drawn some of the best comics ever made, and still made a career for himself as a fine arts painter who has exhibited all over the world (most recently in the joint Mocca/Hammer Masters of American Cartooning show). Hugely influential and ahead of the curve, Gary Panter has shaped the world you live in whether you know it or not. And, in his mid-fifties, is still going strong with the kind of artistic vigor that leaves artists half his age cowering in awe.
So Monday night, mark the date, come out for a rad night of books, music, and movies with a legendary artist!

posted by sammy at 3:57 PM