Comic Book Tour

Starting tonight at Baltimore's Atomic Books, I will be going around to different stores around the country to help promote the new issue of Kramers Ergot:

12/4 -Pittsburgh-Brillo Bar
12/6-Brooklyn-Desert Island
12/7-Providence-Ada Books
12/9-Montreal-Librairie Drawn &Quarterly
12/11-Toronto-The Beguiling
12/13-Chicago-Chicago Comics

But it's not all about me.
The traveling core is made up of 4 us right now-Ron Rege jr, Kevin Huizenga, John Pham, and myself (Souther Salazar is meeting us in Providence after the art fair in miami and doing the rest, so that'll be a core of five. Five!), but in each city other cartoonists who are in the book will be popping up, and almost all them have new stuff out:

Kevin Huizenga has Or Else #5

Ron Rege jr has his amazing collection stories Against Pain

John Pham has Sublife #1

Matthew Thurber has the Soiled Mattress and The Springs albim, Honk Honk Bonk, which comes with a full length comic too for all
you purists.

Ben Jones has The Ganzfeld #7, which he co-edited and made a full length cartoon for, and probably my favorite books of the year: New Painting and Drawing (Providence).

C.F. has Powr Mastrs vol. 2 (Providence, Montreal and Toronto).

Shary Boyle has Otherworld Uprising (toronto)

Kim Deitch, besides being maybe the best cartoonist who has ever lived, and I am not kidding with that, has a new book he did with his brothers called Deitch's Pictorama (Brooklyn).

Davd Heatley has My Brain is Hanging Upside Down (Brooklyn).

Chris Ware has Acme #19(Chicago).

Anders Nilsen has Big Questions #11 (Chicago).

Ivan Brunetti has An Anthology of Graphic Fiction vol.2 (Chicago)

And besides these guys, who I am singling out because they have recent stuff out, there are many more amazing people who will be at these events along the way, with recent new work too: Adrian Tomine, Leif Goldberg, Pshaw, Vanessa Davis, jerry moriarty, Rick altergott, Seth, Gabrielle Bell, Ted May, Dan Zettwoch, James McShane, and more and more and More. info here.

posted by sammy at 7:36 AM

Blogger NATE said...

sammy failed to mention we have ALL OF THAT STUFF in the store right now too.

10:50 PM  

Blogger Brett Von Schlosser said...

no minneapolis this time?

1:27 PM  

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