Trinie Dalton Blog

The very busy Trinie Dalton has a new blog here. Trinie is the author of the short story collection, Wide Eyed (A perennial seller at Family), Mythym (her collection of zines), and Dear New Girl Or Whatever Your Name Is (collects artworks inspired by notes she confiscated as a subsitute teacher). She also used to curate our reading series before she moved to NYC. I miss those days - some of my favorite writers read like Benjamin Weissman, Amy Gerstler, Aimee Bender, Stanya Kahn, and many more greats. She also had some amazing artwork in our anniversay show. Like this:

Trinie is also a longtime personal hero. I first met her when I interviewed her for a magazine when I first moved to NY four years ago, and was just a big fan of her stories. Look out for her 10 000 (!) word article on Black Dice coming up in the next issue of ANP!

posted by kramer at 3:01 PM