Treehouse of Horror! #15!

On September 23rd, the annual Simpsons Halloween comic, Treehouse of Horror, comes out from Bongo Comics. They somehow let me guest edit this year's issue. I know, it's totally retarded.
It's 48 pages and features these dudes:
Tim Hensley
Matthew Thurber
Kevin Huizenga
Jordan Crane
Ted May
Ben Jones
Jon Vermilyea (see below)
John Kerschbaum
Will Sweeney
Jeffrey Brown
and Myself.
And Dan Zettwoch did the cover (see above).

It was a terrifying and exciting thing to put together, for many obvious reasons, and really, a part of me still can't believe this comic actually exists, and that they let me make it. I am super proud of it, and I hope you pick it up when you see it at Rite-Aid, or at least read it while in your dentist's office. I think you will like it.
This Thursday, I will be at the San Diego Comic Convention sitting in on the bongo preview panel (with Sergio Aragones. Sergio aragones!), where we will show a preview of the book. So if you are at the convention, come check it out. You won't want to miss it.
I will also be loitering around on both Thursday and Friday at the Drawn & Quarterly and Buenaventura Press tables for a couple hours with (non-simpsons) drawings and comics, but mainly being a creep digging around old horror fanzine tables, so dont talk to me, I am busy.

posted by sammy at 3:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy moly

1:27 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My first Simpsons comic! Never ever thought I would buy one...

9:32 AM  

Blogger Mr. Freibert said...

wow, this is unbelievable. ben jones doing a certified real simpsons comic. can't wait.

9:44 PM  

Blogger LMSN said...

what the hell is a CF simpsons comic going to look like or be about!!!!!
this is totally awesome news!!

8:39 AM  

Blogger Sam Gas Can said...

I am a grown ass man, and I have always loved Simpsons comics. So, to me, this is like a slice of pizza with a donut on top of it.

11:19 PM  

Blogger Ryan S said...

I've been stoked for this since I heard Ted mention being involved. Can't wait to see how it shapes up!!

Not to be a party pooper, but... not one female cartoonist in the whole bunch? Really?

9:42 AM  

Blogger MICKEY Z said...

dude ryan chicks just harsh the vibe, you know????

11:20 PM  

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