New Stuff!

First, Jay Comes: TAKASHI HOMMA'S new book of paintings and digital photography. With gestures on canvas against blood-spattered landscapes, Homma's aesthetic is idyllic yet eerie. Published by Hassla Books.

Nobody Move: DENIS JOHNSON'S new novel is a Western thriller set in Bakersfield!

Morrissey: JORGE ANTONIO VALENZUELA'S collection of black-and-white photos from MORRISSEY'S Year of Refusal Tour in March 2009, with photos from venues up and down the east coast. Released in celebration of Morrissey's 50th birthday!

Pigs, Pimps, and Prostitutes: A DVD set of three films by Japanese New Wave director SHOHEI IMAMURA: Pigs and Battleships, The Insect Woman, and Intentions of Murder. Restored footage in hi-def; includes interviews with film critic Tony Rayns, and essays from critics Audie Bock, Dennis Lim, and James Quandt.

Your Golden Opportunity is Comeing Very Soon: by RJ SHAUGHNESSY. Your Golden Opportunity is a collection of black and white photos documenting street damage caused by wayward vehicles around LA. RJ manages a subtly diverse range out of a rigid concept - it's intense, funny, affecting, and resonant.

Last Year at Marienbad: a "surreal fever dream" from the French New Wave, ALAIN RESNAIS' 1961 film explores the concept of memory as it shows the mysterious relationship between a man and a woman unable to locate their past connection to one another.

Moomin: The Complete TOVE JANSSON'S Comic Strip: Book One: newest addition of wonderful, dreamy stories about the Moomin family, which somehow are simultaneously

Multiforce: Finally! An oversized compilation of MATT BRINKMAN'S comics, a weird and dark series of mutants misadventuring, published by Picturebox.

Devin & Gary: Go Outside!: The fab new version DEVIN FLYNN and GARY PANTER's hit record!

I Have a Room With Everything: MELANIE BONAJO'S photos are full-page, full-color, and totally engaging. Playing with the idea of portraiture, Bonajo morphs many of her subjects into human sculptures by attaching them to bike wheels, vegetables, mattresses, or simply making them disappear in smoke. Interviews with her subjects, including her parents, are an especially exciting extra. The book also includes a poster of self-portraits by the artist. Published by Capricious.

PETER SUTHERLAND'S Hot Coals Only: Thick paperback exhibition catalogue for Sutherland's 2009 solo show at Hope Gallery. Numbered and limited to 200 copies, features scattered glossy color sections, and black and white, with dust jacket. This will go super fast!

Here and there # 8: Magazine edited by Nakako Hayashi, published By Nieves. The Loneliness Issue features contributions by Mike Mills, Miranda July, Takashi Homma, Susan Cianciolo, plus.

Mono.Kultur #20: An interview with DRIES VON NOTEN, focusing on the fashion world's shift amidst economic recession. Features glossy, full-color, full-page photos of pieces from Van Noten's new collection.

Capricious # 9: The "Acts of Secrecy" issue, guest edited by PAMELA ECHEVERRIA, thematically focuses on Mexico's aesthetic of "force and repression". The photos feature subjects as varied as abandoned construction sites and grotesque beachgoers.

Zoetrope: All-Story: Guest art director is ANTONY of the Joshnson's fame, and he collaborates with DON FELIX CERVANTES. Prose from KURT VONNEGUT, HA JIN, PASHA MALLA, and LYSLEY TNORIO.

Almost News: 46 page zine / catalogue of JOCKO WEYLAND'S collection of unused press photos from major news sources dating back to the 50s. Highlights include a young man's prototype of tiny mechanical wipers to attach to one's glasses in rainy weather, and production photos of glass eyeballs.

Cosmic Wonder Light Source 3: Light Streams: features photography from LAETITIA BENAT, TAKASHI HOMMA, HENRY ROY, and MARK BORTHWICK, who turn models into metallic light-catchers amidst scenes of daily life.

The Believer: musings on NATHANIEL WEST, winged armchairs, lunar colonies; words from CHARLES SIMIC, JONATHAN LETHEM, RICK MOODY and an interview with GARY PANTER by me (Kramer).

Fillip 9: Features art and writing from DIEDRICH DIEDRICHSEN, MOLLY DILLWIORTH, STEVE LAMBERT, plus. Includes a vinyl 45 from Cranfield & Slade. Published by Jeff Khonsary, edited by Jordan Strom and Kristina Lee Podesva, art direction by Jeff Khonsary.

Stopsmiling Mag: While the main events in Stopsmiling's third issue are extensive interviews with DAVID LYNCH and R. CRUMB, the magazine also features pieces on AL GREEN, PAUL AUSTER, and the last interview with late Chilean author ROBERTO BOLANO.

Kusama Orgy: "Nudity, Love, Sex, and Beauty" Re-issued exactly like back in the day in oversized newsprint by YAYOI KUSAMA!

Live at Space 1026: ANDREW JEFFREY WRIGHT, Art Jokes: DVD Of Wright's live stand-up comedy!


Ferus: A nicely designed book of the immortal Ferus Gallery that used to sit on La Cienega. First gallery to show ANDY WARHOL'S Campbell's Soup Cans, and home to WALLACE BERMAN, ED RUSCHA etc

George Sprott 1894-1975: A new graphic novel by SETH where he indulges his anachronistic tendencies, with sweet pull-out pages!

Love and Obstacles: Short stories By ALEKSANDER HEMON. Infuses everything, from a freezer to bees in a hive, with barbed insights into our instinct for aggression, longing for connection, and unquenchable need to tell our stories, whether in poems, letters, drunken orations, or confessions to strangers.

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