Golden Hits instore Monday

Please join us this coming Monday, July 13 at 7:30pm for a performance by Golden Hits, a group comprised of a four or five real sweethearts who run Dublab, which if you're not familiar is an amazing online radio station here in LA that hosts a large amount of djs / bands from all over playing some really great diverse jams. They also have a real radio show here in LA on KPFK (90.7 fm) every friday night from 10pm—1am. Here is an mp3 of Golden Hits live @ Tonalism remixed by Jimmy Tamborello aka Dntel aka one of the dudes in Golden Hits, oh wow.

Bonus photo of me dj'ing when the Dublab guys broadcasted live from the shop February of last year;

I don't wear this jacket anymore

posted by NATE at 6:30 PM

Blogger Clare Kelly said...

why not? it's a nice jacket. PLEASE EXPLAIN

10:36 PM  

Blogger NATE said...

well it's a girl's jacket and i ended up getting a guy's jacket last summer, also it's kind of falling apart, missing buttons, etc. i have an appearance to keep up you know...

12:29 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

no, we dont. please explain!

9:20 PM  

Blogger NATE said...

i can't really go into detail here too much but let's just say it involves many scrubs and toners...

3:27 PM  

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