No Age Live Score w/ The Bear

(no photo because blogger is goddamn heartless horse)

This Sunday, August 30th at 8pm and 10 pm
at The Cinefamily
L.A.-based, world-renowned experimental noise pop duo No Age are playing live at the Cinefamily to perform their brand-new score for Jean-Jacques Annaud's awesome 1988 film The Bear, a near-wordless expedition deep into the savagery and tenderness of the animal kingdom. Told from the titular species' point of view, The Bear chronicles the journey of an orphan bear cub and a lone adult bear banding together to avoid two human hunters. Along the way, director Annaud has great fun with the storytelling possibilities from a non-human perspective, including dream sequences and an unforgettable psychdelic mushroom bear trip! With nearly no (human) dialogue, the film easily lends itself to live scoring, and No Age drummer Dean Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall have crafted a shimmering 90-minute set of sonic blasts and delicate textures that perfectly complement the peculiar, touching and altogether unique experience that is The Bear.

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