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It's been one of those terrible years for movies, especially when compared to last year when, while not everything was great, there was an abundance of at least interesting movies (or interesting failures): Inglorious Bastards, Drag Me to Hell, Moon, Terminator 4, Fantastic Mr. Fox, District 9, Wendy and Lucy, Avatar, Up, A Serious Man, Gentleman Broncos, Land of The Lost. And all the ones I didn't catch but really wanted to: Whatever Works, The Final Destination, An Education, The Box, The Messenger, Bad Lieutenant 2, The Road, Brothers, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Crank 2. Thats a lot of movies! The only thing I saw in the theatre last year that was terrible beyond repair was The Lovely Bones. This year? What is there? Trash Humpers, Ghost Writer, Shutter Island, Mother, Wolfman, Cyrus. Thats it for interesting movies. I guess Toy Story 3 is meant to be good as well. But we are seven months in, and 2010 is looking terrible. So with that in mind, to keep each other vigilant on good new work, we are proud to present the west coast Premier of the new Safdie brothers film, Daddy Longlegs, co-written by and starring Ronnie Bronstein (maker of Frownland, one of our personal favorites). We did an event at the Family New York space in April with the Safdies that was great, and these guys are amazing, they are exciting, they are doing good things. Daddy Longlegs got extended runs in new york and paris, but there is only one happening in LA, and you should not miss it.
It's happening this coming Wednesday, July 13, at 8pm, followed by a Q&A with the directors Josh and Bennie Safdie at The Cinefamily.
Here's Richard Brody of the New Yorker on Daddy Longlegs here.
And you can get advance tickets here for Wednesday night.

And since we are already talking about The Cinefamily, I should show off the new cover to the July/August program by Anders Nilsen. Yes, that is Dennis Hopper, and yes there will be screenings of his best stuff throughout July, many of them in new restored prints-The Last Movie, Out of the Blue, American Dreamer, Mad Dog Morgan, Night Tide, and much else every friday night in July. Besides Hopper, there is bunch of amazing things playing like the newly restored Metropolis, For All Mankind (which I spoke about last year) and screenings of recent Ryan Trecartin videos. Check out the whole program here, and keep your eye out for the print program hitting LA streets this week.

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Anonymous Caelin said...

What a bad list of interesting movies. Try harder.

8:48 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

me try harder? I didn't decide what came out in 2009! you tell me! did I forget something? star trek?

10:02 PM  

Blogger Josh Simmons said...

Not a bad list. Although I'd call T4 the shittiest boringest movie ever. Bad Lieutenant and Crank 2 were great.
2010 has been crap but it's not over, some maybe interesting stuff coming up, Enter the Void, Life During Wartime, Predators?!...Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia---

11:05 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

T4 was terrible it's true, but I found it an odd enough movie experience since it was the first movie I saw in a theatre in 6 months, so I was all charged to be in a crowded room watching something big. But yeah, it didn't deliver on any level. The experience though, if not the film, was a compelling one-there was enough weird dumb stuff going on to think about peripherally, if that makes sense (an actors name is moonblood? A black mute boy/girl with sad eyes-has this ever been a good addition Tina movie? Common? The first scene French kiss? Has Christian bale ever been good? Robots who don't know they are robots?). The weirdest things can be the ones that for whatever reason unlock the creakiest doors on your brain and things start snapping. But yeah, terrible movie, but no lovely bones.

11:32 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

Correction: To any, not Tina.

11:36 PM  

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