Family NYC - Artists in Residency Fader Video

Don't mean to pepper our blog with a video of ourselves, but this one is all about the artists who worked in our NY space in April: Gary Panter and Joshua White, Matthew Thurber, Meryl Smith, Aska and Butchy, and Sumi Ink Club.

posted by kramer at 3:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sammy is wonderful!

2:40 PM  

Blogger Sam Gas Can said...

For those interested, Fat Worm of Error has a new LP called "Broods" coming out this Thursday, courtesy of Open Mouth and Ecstatic Peace, guaranteed to be monumental!

11:16 PM  

Anonymous abby said...

wish i'd gone to more than one evening,this was so super. yeeeaaa family!!

8:24 AM  

Blogger Tom Devlin said...

Isn't that one guy on DEXTER?

10:50 AM  

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