Cali's Debut Solo Show

Family Backroom Gallery Presents:

This Natural World
New artwork by Cali Thornhill-Dewitt

October 23 - November 13
Opening Party:
Saturday, October 23, 7 - 10pm

Music by Secret Circuit

Family Backroom Gallery

This Natural World is about the world one truly occupies, nurturing the everyday, and recognizing what joys and greatness can be reaped. Cali says: “Looking at the same thing everyday, the same things over and over again, they can look different each time. This is a show about how one perceives their surroundings, about loving where you live."

Cali obsessively collects photos of mildewed mattresses, traffic cones, and abandoned shopping carts like they’re exotic flora and fauna. His collages depict stunning alien landscapes, images taken from nature, cut up and skewed: the familiar becomes foreign, offering something new.

“This Natural World looks at our landscapes and our nature. Forgotten shopping carts and trash is as much a part of our environment as palm trees and the pacific,” Cali says. “This is a love letter to home, to making your own reality.”

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Blogger athena quispe said...

I wish I was there for the show, I love the concept.

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