Fuck This Life

Tomorrow night Weirdo Dave will be conducting a slide show at Family for his new collection of the zine Fuck This Life, published by OHWOW. Here's some highlights from a great INTERVIEW

“Sometimes if I read the police blotter I won’t even leave the house, I’ll be so fucking scared. This is what people do? They’ll lock you in a car and try to light you on fire. People will cut you up, gut you, leave you in a bathtub, and smoke all your cigarettes. It’s like the more you know the more you get scared of the world.”

"This is really for people who have bad days. Like, Fuck this life. Seriously. This came about after having so many days where it’s not even like fuck the world, because the whole world is all right. It’s this life. Every day, there’s a point where I wouldn’t mind if I were dead. Right? Every day there’s a part where I wouldn’t mind if I was just erased, right now."

Aaron Judah Bondaroff will also be reading from his autobiography, My Life in T-Shirts:

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