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One of the best blogs in the world is Video Watchblog by the extremely prolific Tim Lucas, the editor-in-chief of the best film magazine today, Video Watchdog. Lucas' lastest post, besides reminding us it's David Cronenberg's birthday today(64!), announced some great news about an exciting upcoming book series coming from Millipede Press and more importantly, of his contribution to that series with a full length book about the making of Videodrome slated for release in the fall.
Lucas has been for many years working on a huge 1,000+ page biography/critical survey/art book on the great Mario Bava, All the Colors of The Dark, which is slated to finally come out this year. This book is guaranteed to be one of the best of it's kind ever made, forget of the year. And Video Watchdog, after too long on a temporary bimonthly schedule, is coming back as a monthly! So it's turning into a great year for Tim Lucas fans, and and by extension, a great year for fans of Bava and Cronenberg and film criticism in general.

posted by sammy at 10:18 AM

Blogger Luke P. said...

I can't believe Cronenberg is 64! I though 55 at most..
You know of any good new or younger horror filmakers that are up to snuff Sammy? I'm always looking for new stuff..

3:41 PM  

Blogger sammy said...

nobody coming up thats as good as cronenberg was/is, but kinda like cabin fever and slither and the new hills have eyes. gosh those three sound stupid just typing them! the last great movie I saw from a first time director was street trash made in 1985. check it out!

11:48 PM  

Blogger Luke P. said...

I liked SLITHER and HILLS too. Haven't seen CABIN FEVER. Thought HIGH TENSION was good, 'cept for the horshit ending.
I think it's way, way harder for young horror filmakers to get to do stuff that isn't tried and tested.
Kinda like some comics people, horror movie people are really nostalgic and want to re-create the stuff they loved. Slither is like that, I think, even tho it's good.
I'll netflix STREET TRASH.

1:18 PM  

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