A few weeks ago Chris Tipton aka the dude who does Upset the Rhythm aka maybe the nicest guy I've never met sent us several packages from across the pond containing cds and records that he put out recently for the shop and I keep meaning to talk about them, because really they all look and sound great. He put out one of the five No Age EPs, the last/first/only full length from Oakland's KIT & Brendan AKA BARR's last record which if you didn't get it is pretty special and more recently UTR dropped the new John Maus album (which is kind of my favorite thing to listen to right now, I listened to it 3 times on a plane from NY to LA last week, not to mention the cover art!) and a cd of the new Soiled Mattress & the Springs EP (12" version to follow on Teardrops) with the first 12" that Teardrops put out last year as bonus tracks. I normally probably wouldn't try explaining/demystifying why all these records are great and instead would just tell you to go hit up for MP3s of songs from all the above mentioned jams but I really think Chris is doing something to push things forward and that is the most important thing, so, uh, props.

ALSO on the related tip, the new Soiled Mattress & the Springs video that Peter from the band made is seriously a mindblower, serious next level, so here it is if you missed:

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