Jules Feiffer and Eliott Gould this Sunday the 21st!

Come join us for another "Family Sunday" at The Cinefamily. This time around, we have Pulitzer Prize- winning cartoonist/author Jules Feiffer, whose pieces appeared in the Village Voice for over 40 years (beautifully collected in the new book, The Explainers), and whose film adaptation of his stage collaboration with Elliott Gould resulted in one of the funniest, most vicious social satires of the '70s.

A bitter black comedy caked in post-'68 disillusionment, Little Murders is an off-the-wall cocktail of fairy-tale, farce, paranoia thriller and comedy of errors. As Alfred Chamberlain, a shut-in photographer so resentful of his own success that he's turned to taking photos of feces, Gould personifies the deep ambivalence of the era, delivering a performance both poignant and irreverent. Alfred improbably falls in love with Patsy, a waspy Manhattanite whose unwavering determination to happiness in a crumbling society gives Alfred a reason to believe - at least, until random acts of terror shatter their dreams. Hilarity does eventually ensue, thanks in part to some unforgettable appearances by Alan Arkin (who also directed the film) as a hysterical detective, and Donald Sutherland as a hippie priest officiating what is easily the greatest wedding sequence in cinema. Feiffer will also be screening excerpts from his little-seen 1985 TV movie Grown- Ups, starring Charles Grodin.

The screening will be followed by a book signing with Feiffer. Copies of his latest books, The Explainers, Harry the Rat with Women, and Passionella and Other Stories will be available for purchase.

At The Cinefamily 611 N. Fairfax ave Los Angeles CA 90036
Get tickets here!

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