It took my friend Milo blogging on the east coast to inform me about this amazing mp3 posted just down the street by Family's good friends Cinefile-a really funny and sort of mind boggling Mike Hodges commentary track for Flash Gordon only available on the UK dvd.
Cinefile is one of the best video stores in the country, one of those great places where a certain inspired aesthetic and nerdiness dictates everything. Therefore sections are not only broken up by director and genre(and sub genres like heists, bikers, zombies and time travel) , but also such sub-sub-genres as 'Pregnant Men', 'actors are retarded' 'Holy Fucking Shit', and 'Shade Tilting' (doc hollywood anyone?) and no Henry Jaglom. a great bootleg section, DJ night, and a free rentals section. One of the best shops in LA. The Cinefile and Family gangs are actually working together as a third gang for some cool upcoming projects. Stay Tuned.

posted by sammy at 1:40 PM