Maybe one day we will be as rad as Schneider.

Charles Schneider is one of the those rad guys who will continually surprise us-When you ask him what he's doing it's always the exact opposite of what you expect. Up until recently, I knew him as the author of a great book of cartoons and the dude who played the bad comedian in Ghost World. A couple months back he happened by the store with copies of a couple Bob Moss albums he produced (which are totally amazing folk records you should buy from the store) and mentioned he was writing Tom and Jerry cartoons(!). He is also a documentary filmmaker, a character actor who has appeared in Zodiac, and Tombstone amongst others(Bride of Re-Animator!), did the rad serial killer paintings in Art School Confidential, published author, gallery artist, and bearer of one of the best speaking voices ever. I saw him last week at the theatre, and when I told him he should come to the February 2nd screening of Timothy Carey's incredible movie, World's Greatest Sinner, he off handedly mentioned that he already saw it-at Carey's house back in the early eighties! Tomorrow he'll come in and tell me is working for NASA training mice how to yodel. With Schneider you never know....
Here is a work-in-progress documentary about folk musicians in utah that he posted on youtube: parts 1, 2, and 3.
If ever there was a ANP cover feature ready to go, here he is.

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Blogger kramer said...

no, i'm serious - the guy lives in a storage facility. how does he shower? where's the toilet? these are the obstacles between me and extremely cheap rent.

3:01 AM  

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