Into It
By Julian Gross

Into It collects Gross's re-appropriated ceramic miniatures. With obsessive detail and a witty, juvenile sensibility, Gross creates new and damaged narratives for his characters.

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Captain Goodvibes

Giant oversized collection of Australian stoner hippy comics and art by Tony Edwards. Available at Family!

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This is one of the events we hosted at MOCA. Check it:

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Good Morning #1: Joanne Oldham

Joanne Oldham has quietly been making art in a range of mediums for several decades. Though mostly known for a scattering of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy releases, including the iconic cover for I See a Darkness, the vast majority of this prolific artist and writer’s work has never been seen outside of her circle of family and friends. Intensely personal, warm, and often terrifying, her art is playful and mysterious, existing in a space of constant conflict. The debut issue of Good Morning dedicates the entire issue to a selection of work done over the last 25 years showcasing Oldham’s unique vision. Collages, paintings, drawings, as well as excerpts from Oldham’s memoir of growing up in the south in the 1950s are included, as well as biographical notes written by the artist herself. Edited by Sammy Harkham. See and read excerpts from Good Morning on the excellent 50 Watts Here. Buy it here.

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