Lance Bangs' Flicker Night at Family NYC!!!!!!!!

Lance has gathered a mix of short films, many shot on single-reels of super 8 by some great filmmakers, to be shown on a super 8 projector. There'll be some surprises and uber-rarities in there too. I've said it before, but this one is truly a mega highlight!

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Crickets #3

I saw yesterday that my upcoming comic book, Crickets #3, is listed in the current issue of PREVIEWS for pre-order. Though I am self publishing it, Fantagraphics have been kind enough to sub-distribute the comic, so it's listed in their section of the catalogue. So if you want the book, don't forget to tell your local comic shop to order it. 48 pages, magazine size, two color, eight dollars.
BONUS: The inside cover:

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Smith Lowe Panter Flynn White Tomorrow Night!

Patrick Smith is one of those great artists who can move fluidly through different projects and mediums and still retain a high level of quality and a consistent personal language. Patrick does many things, and does them all extremely well. From the highly influential Vector Park website, to his one and only comic published in the ganzfeld #1 (which may be the best "one off" comic's debuts I've ever read), to the beautiful design and animation of the website for the ganzfeld, to his large oil canvases, to the great video game Windosill(hope you have a couple spare uninterrupted hours...), to his fine pencil drawings, it's all overwhelmingly solid.
Recently, he has been working on a handful of abstract animated pieces, kinda like video paintings, and one of the great things about doing the NY pop-up for us, has been how the timing lined up perfectly for us to show these beautiful, just completed pieces tomorrow night at 7pm with musical accompaniment from Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens) playing live to the visuals.
Also playing will be the great swampy rock of Devin & Gary & Ross (the band of artists Devin Flynn and Gary Panter) accompanied with The Joshua White Light Show. Whoa.

Thursday, April 29, 7pm
70 Franklin st. NYC

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Jaime Hernandez Signing Tuesday May 4th in Los Angeles!

All these NY-centric blog posts getting you down, our sun drenched blunderers? well don't worry hometown friends, we got something awesome for you....

"To celebrate the release of the new art book, The Art Jaime Hernandez-The Secrets of Life and Death, Family is pleased to be hosting a signing and conversation with the books principal creators Jaime Hernanadez, Todd Hignite, and Jordan Crane on Tuesday, May 4th at 7pm.
Jaime Hernandez, along with his two brothers, Gilbert and Mario, changed American cartooning forever when they self-published their first comic book, Love and Rockets in 1981. Over twenty-five years later it is still going strong. Hernandez’s stories chronicle the lives of some of the most memorable and fully formed characters the comics form has ever seen. His female protagonists, masterfully delineated with humor, candor, and breathtaking realism, come to life within California’s Mexican-American culture and punk milieu. an acknowledged inspiration to countless artists-without Love and Rockets, the entire graphic novel landscape would look very different and that much worse without it.
The notoriously private artist has opened his archives for the first time for acclaimed Editor/Writer Todd Hignite, revealing never-before-seen sketches, childhood drawings, and unpublished work, alongside his most famous Love and Rockets material. Beautifully designed by the award winning cartoonist and designer, Jordan Crane, this new book is the definitive biographical and critical tome on the artist."

And it warmed my heart to stumble upon this Village Voice cover a couple days ago. Sick.

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Tomorrow night in NY is the launch for the Charles Willeford book Family published with Picturebox. We're psyched to be sharing the event with the launch for a new book published by Decathlon called Jam. It's a collab by Maggie Lee and Jack Greer collecting their photos, drawings, and collages.

You may know Maggie Lee from her zine Frenching. Jack Greer is a part of the still house collective.

Jack and Maggie will be showing videos and signing. Here's some examples of Maggie's 'Video Salads':

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Did you know Family was on the smash hit HBO series Entourage last season? It's true (background second photo)! I meant to post this a while ago but was waiting until I could do screen grabs, instead you get photos I took of the tv with my cell phone. Not sure which episode this was but it was from the last season, the one where E dates that weird girl who thinks he's cheating on her but it turns out she's just crazy. Bonus cameo by Peter Sutherland's window display!

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Albert Maysles with Peter Sutherland Photos

Photos by Brian Da Mofo Baller

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NYC Event Vids

The dudes curating the site have thrown up some rad videos documenting the events and projects we've put on. Stoked this stuff is being documented with such class.

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Albert Maysles with Peter Sutherland Tonight in NYC!

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Mike Bones + PC Worship Tonight at Family NYC

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You will love this man.

You totally will. The first Family book (co-published with PictureBox), Charles Willeford's I was Looking for a Street, is now out at both the Los Angeles and NY Family stores.
An excerpt is in the most recent issue of Vice(but not online). And here is the cover, one last time, to help you know what you're looking for when you pop in. The painting of the youngish Willeford on the cover, by the way, is by my big brother Jonathan. His first published work. I like it a lot.

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The Beaver Trilogy plays Tomorrow in LA!

Finally, a post talking about something going on at home. oh good ol' home...

Life. Art. Obsession. Olivia Newton-John. For a far-out glimpse into how all these alchemic elements collide, look no further than Beaver Trilogy.

It doesn't get much better than this. Without a doubt one of our all time favorite movies-the kind of movie that if it was ever released on dvd it would sit prominently on one of the center tables at the store for at least a year. It's the best thing Sean Penn and Crispin Glover have ever been involved in. It's heartbreaking, and awkward, and funny, and thematically rich. It's never been released on VHS or DVD, and rarely gets played (oh sean penn, you son of a bitch). But it is playing on Saturday night at The Cinefamily. And you are lucky. Because while we are stuck in New York trying to teach these turkeys how it is done on the west coast and do god's work, you get to go see one of our favorite movies ever on the big screen and its not a dupy bootleg. You're gonna love it, you lucky lucky few.

In 1979, a chance meeting between "Groovin' Gary", an eccentric surfer dude- type, and Trent Harris, who worked for a local TV station, resulted in The Beaver Kid, a captivating short doc about Gary's other life as an awkward, yet impassioned Olivia-styled female impersonator. Obsessively driven to the subject matter as much as Gary was driven to "be" Olivia, Harris years later refashioned the story into two separate fiction shorts -- with one crudely shot on video starring a young, pre- Fast Times Sean Penn -- and the other starring the inimitable Crispin Glover -- with both actors giving their performances all they have to give. Viewed as a whole, Beaver Trilogy is an experience so distinct, layered, and brazenly raw that it eludes an appropriate cinematic analogy. As a film, it's mesmerizing. As an extract of the human psyche, it's astonishing. Please don't keep it waiting.

We're proud to co-present this rare theatrical screening of the legendary omnibus by Salt Lake City auteur Trent Harris, the man behind the cult fave Crispin Glover vehicle Rubin & Ed!
Saturday, April 17th at 7:30 pm.
To buy tickets, go to the Cinefamily site.

And if you're reading this, and you don't live in LA, just watch all these.

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More Photos

For some stunning photos of the goings on at Family NYC, check out Sarah Soquel Morhaim's photo site:

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Meryl Smith came in today to the NY spot to start work:

Who knows what this will be!

Aska and Butchy had their final session today. Look out for the recordings they made in here.

All at Family NYC:

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Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Fred Armison at Family NYC Vid

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Mark Your Calendars LA...

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Aaron Rose's old VHS tapes tonight in NY!

Those in NY - in a couple of hours Aaron Rose will be hosting a presentation of old VHS tapes. Come along!

Maggie Lee from Vice took some more party photos and books and art: Here

Opening night video from the Absolut / Thirty Days site:

Thirty Days NY Opening Night from Thirty Days NY on Vimeo.

Also here are some photos of Fred Armisen and Andrew Jeffrey Wright performing comedy last night - by Brian Da Baller. It ruled hard!

Those in NY - AJW left us a brand new hilarious zine published in France, as well as 'Fartin' While Walkin' silkscreen prints! We are open for biz noon - 9 everyday!

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