We guest-edited a chunk of the current issue of Paper magazine. We have a big stack to give away at the store so come and pick one up. It's the LA issue so everyone is local. Here's the list: Elliott Gould interviewed by the Safdie Bros. Ben Jones interviewed by Sammy. Kathryn Andrews by Dan Nadel and Rachel Uffner. Amy Gerstler interviewed by Trinie Dalton. Mike Kelley interviewed by Jesse Pearson. Stanya Kahn interviewed by me. Crazy Band by Nate Walton. Ed Fella by Jennifer Krasinski. And a special illustration by Brian Roettinger concerning early LA punk establishments.
Special thanks to Kim Hastreiter and David Hershkovitz!

Sarah Soquel Morhaim shot all the portraits for the section. Here's some of the out takes. For more go HERE to her site.

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SFV Acid tomorrow

In honor of Misha Hollenbach's DO/NO/GO exhibition opening tomorrow, Thursday the 24th, we are proud to host a set by SFV Acid:

Here's his SITE

Also - there will be free donuts and coffee! We have a small amount of free newsprint posters by Misha to give out too! These ones:

And some new PAM Books and mixes:

And this new one from Decathlon:

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Suede's Slick Sad Swirl

We just got this tiny zine in from Maggie Lee:

Only 4 bucks. Order it by clicking on books to your left.

See Maggie's own collection here:

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RIP Len Lesser (Uncle Leo)

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Misha Hollenbach's DO/NO/GO

Feb 24 - March 17
Opening Reception:
Feb 24 6-9

Family backroom gallery is proud to present DO/NO/GO, an exhibition of new work by Misha Hollenbach.

DO/NO/GO is essentially about holes: in particular donut holes, but also sacred holes, such as the 'Holy Hole' of Winchester Cathedral, a deep recess in which pilgrims could crawl to get as close as possible to the saintly bones of St Swithun. The show features painted xerox and riso prints, and silkscreens of donut forms forged from cosmic landscapes and neon color blotches. Hollenbach's Dadaist collage method mixes church iconography with found images manipulated into abstraction. Weird image associations are topped with donut sprinkles.

Hollenbach is one half of Perks and Mini (P.A.M.), an art/design/fashion/publishing team. He has exhibited at Mu Gallery (Eindhoven) V1 Gallery (Copenhagen) Alleged Gallery (New York) and Deitch Projects (New York). Last year Hollenbach created two collaborative exhibitions with Peter Sutherland in Japan: SNAP!, at Gallery Target and REAGGEAE, at Utrecht Gallery.

Here's a small sampling:

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I have a website/resume

Thanks Beau Johnson!

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Join us on facebook

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A lot of new stuff:

Remember: anything can be shipped. Email for enquiries: orders@familylosangeles.com

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