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Kevin Christy at Hope

December 13 - Get Psyched.
Kevin founded the Broken Wrist Project book series, and is a regular illustrator for Stop Smiling mag. His work's been featured in Mcsweeneys, Loyal, and the Cederteg zine series. One might have seen his work in shows at Jack Hanley, White Columns, Loyal Gallery, and Monya Rowe. He's also a stand-up comedian.

Some of these will be in the show:
For more at Kevin's site:

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Our friends / new neighbors up the block, KEEP, are having a MASSIVE black friday / beyond sale! It starts this friday and goes into the weekend and if you did not know, Keep happens to make some pretty epic ladies (and men's sizes too now) footwear.

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Anders Nilsen's Big Show

Our friend Anders has a big show going up at Little Bird Gallery in Atwater Village next weekend. The work for it is incredible-large dense beautiful drawings and paintings-and should not be missed.
The opening is Saturday, December 6th, at 7pm, and goes till January 14th.

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K.E. Post Script

Honestly I had no idea how the Kramers Ergot event would go-I don't think of LA as a rah-rah comics town and people can be fickle in general, plus the book is costly. If Josh Simmons hadn't suggested it, I wasn't even thinking of getting a table to have artists sign at-there is nothing sadder than a big signing table with a pyramid of books and stack of fresh pens and a line of artists sitting there leaning forward on there elbows scanning the room trying to find someone, anyone, to hand them something to doodle on while there is no one around for miles.
So I was glad/relieved/excited to see that the signing kept everyone drawing nonstop for over two solid hours. We sold way more copies than we thought we would, almost all the copies Buenaventura had brought down (there are 3 copies left in the store, and they are the last ones we'll have till december. so come check it out). The night exceeded all of our expectations totally. And the original art looks amazing. You should come by and see it all: Groening-Cilla-Boyle-Simmons-Nilsen-Salazar-Pham-Hensley-Furie-Hernandez-and myself.
Ward Long took photos, and some are posted here. And Wendy has some too.

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Did you know this is out?

The new Cinefamily tabloid is out, so keep your eye out for it around town. Besides showcasing an amazing list of movies and festivals (Downey Sr.! Stop Motion! Dangerous Men!), it is graced with an original Tokyo Story cover drawn by Chris Ware, for our Ozu festival. It is the kind of beautiful, rich drawing you can just spend a whole day staring at, so you'll want a print copy.

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tinyvices Show video

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For those who cant make it on sunday:

by Souther Salazar.

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We got the food of the gods 12" in the shop this week. food of the gods is a new ethereal music project involving eddie ruscha, tim koh, the girl from cibbo matto, dj harvey, and thomas bullock. for fans of the groove. this record is my pick of the week, very limited and a good time, don't miss it!

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Dave Willardson and Charles White III Live and In the Flesh

You won't want to miss this:

Overspray: Riding High With the Kings of California Airbrush Art
Exhibition and Book Launch

Wednesday, November 12, 7pm

Airbrush dieties Dave Willardson and Charles White III will conduct a slide show, Q&A, and signing at Family along with Overspray author Norman Hathaway and LA art director Mike Salisbury. A large exhibition of vintage airbrush posters will be on display and available, including Charlie White's extremely rare Star Wars poster.

Overspray is the comprehensive account of the rise of airbrush art, and of the equally bright and glossy Los Angeles culture in which it flourished during the 1970s. Inspired by surf graphics, psychedelia and Hollywood glitz, a generation of young artists made every lip and palm tree glisten, and every record cover slick as a well‑lubricated sex toy. Fueled by a combination of intense demand, sleepless nights and brutal competition, the four men at the center of LA's airbrush art market-Dave Willardson, Charles E White III, Peter Palombi, and Peter Lloyd-embarked on careers that produced work for Playboy, Levi's, the Rolling Stones, American Graffiti and Tron. Overspray tells the unvarnished story of these four artists, through images of their best-known work, and frank, in-depth interviews. Viewed today, their surreal, funny and hyperslick imagery; seems all the more fantastic- which combined technical precision; and wild flights of imagination.

Published by Picturebox

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Kramers Ergot 7 Release Party + Art Show

This Sunday November 16th, at 7pm.

Come and celebrate the release of the new mammoth mega sized new volume of Kramers Ergot at Family!

Kramers Ergot, the most influential and acclaimed anthology of the past decade, returns in its seventh volume as a gigantic full-color 16 x 21 inch (that’s bigger than a full page from your daily newspaper) hardcover! While past issues explored an innovative blend of art and comics, this collection focuses on expanding the boundaries of the narrative comics page. #7’s massive page size has given these contemporary artists an opportunity to tell stories at a scope not seen since the expansive Sunday newspaper comics of the early twentieth century. Including over 50 of the world’s greatest cartoonists, it draws on the talents of established cartoonists, newcomers, elegant stylists, and unpredictable innovators such as Chris Ware, Paper Rad, Jaime Hernandez, Blanquet, Matt Groening, Daniel Clowes, Mat Brinkman, Kim Deitch, Anna Sommer, Anders Nilsen, C.F., Adrian Tomine, Kevin Huizenga and many others.

Contributors on hand Sunday evening will be Geoff McFetridge, Matt Groening, Jaime Hernandez, Souther Salazar, Tim Hensley, Johnny Ryan, Josh Simmons, Walt Holcombe, Martin Cendreda, John Pham, Ron Rege jr., and editor Sammy Harkham

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Video of Michel Gondry Event With J - Lep

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TV Books Exhibition at Hope Gallery! Tonight (Thursday) 6 - 9!

Hope Gallery
1547 Echo Park Ave 90028

Curated by Tim Barber

An exhibition of photographs, drawings, paintings, and new books by 17 TV Books authors:

Aurel Schmidt * Santiago Mostyn * Brad Phillips * Ben Schumacher * Jason Nocito * Gordon Hull * Julia Burlingham * Mark Delong * Tim Barber * Kim Krans * Lachance, Noble & Comeau * Chris Dorland * Patrick Griffin * Michael Schmelling * Jason Mathew Lee

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Overspray launch Wednesday Nov 12th!

Overspray: Riding High With the Kings of California Airbrush Art

We are super psyched on this new Picturebox book, a lavish art book on the golden age of LA air brush artists of the 1970s. Here's some succinct info from the press release: "Fueled by a combination of intense demand, sleepless nights and brutal competition, the four men at the center of L.A.’s airbrush art market–Charles E. White III, Peter Palombi, Dave Willardson and Peter Lloyd–embarked on careers encompassing work for Playboy, Levi’s, the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and major studio films including American Graffiti and Tron. Together, their work came to define the look of illustrative graphics for a generation of viewers. This book tells the story of these four artists for the first time through hundreds of images of the artists’ best and best-known work, unseen production roughs, documentary photographs and other ephemera. Viewed now, their surreal, funny and utterly slick imagery seems all the more fantastic–combining technical precision with wild flights of imagination that bring to mind the work of some of today’s top artists."
Editor and designer Norman Hathaway, artists Charles E. White, Dave Willardson, and book contributor Mike Salisbury will be on hand to speak and sign books. the event starts at 7pm.
Picturebox has put together a pretty website for the book, check it out.

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please come to the tiny vices even but even more important please please please vote tomorrow.

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