Brinkman + Brown at M+B

Mat Brinkman and Melissa Brown have a show of new work (80 drawings in Brinkman's case...!) at M+B Gallery, with the opening tomorrow night at 7pm, with both artists in attendance. Should be a pretty great show.

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Wanted to just let those favorite few of you out there to know that my comic book, Crickets, has been cancelled due to changes made by the major comics distributor that effectively made it impossible to continue in the comic book format. Crickets #3 will come out in some DYI form in the next couple months...after that, I dont know exactly. While I am really bummed about this, as I feel I never even really got started on it, I appreciate all the people who supported it when it was coming out. Thanks. To the future.

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Boom - Poster Show Curated by Holly Stevenson

Sunday, February 8, 7:30 come to the opening of Boom! A silk-screenedposter show at Family featuring:

Misaki Kawai
Shara Hughes
Hisham Bharoocha

Denise Kupferschmidt
Patrick Walsh III

David Aron

Espen Friberg
Brooke Inman
Ryan Waller
Adam Kaufman
Ted McGrath
Maryam Nassirzadeh
Anna Lowe Gustavi
Holly Stevenson

Family is proud to present Boom, an exhibition of two color silkscreen prints by artists from Europe and the US. The prints are deftly hand silkscreened, the two-color limit lending to experiments with multi-colored pulls, varnishes, and neons. Produced at the Lower East Side Printshop in the tradition of Barbara Kruger and Kara Walker.

You may know Holly Stevenson from her book of drawings, Mexican Love Story, published by Nieves.

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30th century man in LA starting feb 17

I'm posting about this movie, 30th century man, about the musician scott walker, because I'm not usually not up on these things and maybe you aren't but you catch this and are stoked and able to go see it.

I can't really do anything to describe Scott Walker if you don't know about him but I can say that I love his music and have been waiting a while to see this movie. It's playing RIGHT NOW in san francisco and comes to the nuart in LA on february 17 and played in NY over xmas time.

check these sites for more info:

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2 upcoming shows

NOTE - Smell show is on Sunday, not Saturday.

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Drawlings / Infinite Body @ Family

Next tuesday, january 27, at 8pm we are proud to present two very awesome solo acts from each coast playing live. Drawlings is NY'er Abby Portner of Rings new solo project. Abby is also a visual artist and you've probably seen her art but maybe didn't know it, like on the Sung Tongs record by Animal Collective (she did the flyer for the instore too!). She recently recorded a holiday single for the paw tracks label, here's the video for it:

Infinite Body is LA native Kyle Parker's beautiful / damaged / ambient music and after a bit of hibernation Kyle has started playing shows again. We have his self-released CD in the shop, which was definitely one of my favorite releases from 2008, and with upcoming records on PPM, Monorail Trespassing, and Teenage Teardrops, you'll probably have a hard time ignoring him in 2009. Here's a short but very nice video i nabbed from him:

infinite body - 07 from kyle parker on Vimeo.

Please come out if you can!!!

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Mexico Blog

Here's some photos from my vacation in Mexico:

There is a law in Mexico where Jewish Mexicans have to have special license plates and drive in the 'Jew lane' and always give way to gentile Mexicans.

Dogs always have right of way on the road which they use to take naps in the middle of traffic.

This fellow looked up at me and was like 'Hey Jew, I'm sleeping here!" and lay back down.

This is where you get your money and your sexchange.

This is a mural on the wall of a restaurant depicting the area as it was in Aztec times, with the Indians around the fire and the Aztec pyramids etc.

But what's that in the corner?

It's the Millenium Falcon! And that's Yoda going for a stroll.

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New Installation Party with Brother Reade Live

Join us this Thursday, January 15, 7:30 for the celebration of Joanna Bean's new window installation. Brother Reade will be playing and a good time will be had. BR haven't played in LA for a little bit so check out their new drum circle style:

And if you haven't seen the new installation, here's some pics:

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Feeling lazy?

While you're doing god knows what, making an ass out of yourself and family name, Shary Boyle is getting stuff done.

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hey I'm just saying OR whoa I didn't even see all this stuff down here!

This blog is in a sad state dear readers. I'm sure you're all confused when you come here expecting to read something mildly related to the shop and instead are hit with a barrage of posts about the new cinefamily program, the next show up at hope gallery, or (worse), an article lazily clipped from the ny times, but you can rest eas(ier)y now because I personally am off of school for another month and that leaves me with a lot of free time, so much free time in fact that I've decided to start a new feature on this blog where each week I'll talk about something in the shop that's new or maybe overlooked or just something I'm into.

For the first installment of this I want to talk about something both new and old, Glenn O'Brien's TV Party. I've briefly touched on it in a few other blog posts a while back, but this is the definitive TV Party blog post I promise.

Glenn O'Brien's TV Party was a live new york city public access tv show that aired once a week and ran from 1978 until 1982, hosted by Glenn (who was at the time a writer for Interview magazine, and who at present time is the editorial director of the very same publication!) with the help of his friends like Chris Stein from Blondie and Walter Steding (Andy Warhol's janitor, who led the TVP orchestra). Described by O'Brien himself as "A TV show that's a cocktail party, but which could be a political party" each episode seemed to be loosely scripted and is filled with guests that range from the known (George Clinton, Robert Fripp) to the not-so-known (David Walter Mcdermott, google him). Did I mention it was also a call in show too? It was, and that meant almost every episode ended with Jean-Michel Basquiat or Glenn taking angry phone calls of disgruntled new yorkers who were flipping through the channels and had nothing better to do.

I was shocked when I found out this show was put onto dvd that it wasn't causing a bigger stir. To me it captured a time in new york I didn't think was very heavily documented (well, until all nine of those no wave books came out last year) and I was shocked that Glenn O'Brien was not considered a national treasure. To do my part I ordered the dvds and we have them here in the shop, initially there were four dvds (including the premiere episode and a halloween episode from 1979 featuring Fab-Five Freddy dressed as a nickel bag and Debbie Harry as an umbrella) and last month two new dvds of episodes from 79 & 82 (the latter being an episode in full color, no doubt breaking new ground at the time) were released. There's also a pretty decent documentary dvd on the whole show too. To me it is truly a milestone in broadcast television.

if you made it this far here's a clip from the documentary as your reward:

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Night Business

Everyone reading this dumb blog is reading this comic right? We have it in the store, on the comic rack. Best single piece of art in the whole place-yes that includes Mirandy July's very cute "letters to self" posters (as Nate would say "hey, I'm just sayin!"). If you live in that filthy swamp pit called New York City, there is going to be a release party for Night Business on Saturday night at a record store called Sound Fix in Williamsburg, 8 till whenever. I have met artist Ben Marra only once, but if he was gay, and I was straight, and we had some jager, and life just looked for once like it had some kind of future...look, it'll be a good party and you should go if your not busy scrubbing bum shit off your shoe.

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Thanks to Alex for sending me this ages ago...though I guess by now I am last on earth to post it, and you are all rolling your bored eyes and clicking far from here to the land of hot new thing.

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Movies! Playing! This! Month!

New Cinefamily program should be out this week, featuring a Johnny Ryan cover (above, sans logo, text). Lost in the Desert (South Africa, 1969, also goes by the alternate title of Dirkie-try getting that word out of your head) was something head programmer Hadrian found in a pile of prints he bought as a lot in a yard sale. He says it is definitely one of the most wild movies ostensibly made for children. The kind of lost in the cracks gem that totally delivers and you probably wont see anywhere. BUT, that said, if your not interested in the fine genre of kids being tortured by god, there is always the Deep End/That Cold Day in the Park double feature, which I am really excited about. All kinds of great things playing. Just click the link to the right for more.

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Are you Up on Your Problem Solvers?

Check out loads more on the Paper Rad YouTube page.
And then when your done watching all their stuff, watch all their favorites: Did you know Tadanori Yokoo made a couple cartoons? yikes!

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New Stuff Online

Have you seen all the new stuff on the online store? Amongst it all is a new Peter Sutherland catalogue from his current show at ATM Gallery, Blame it on the Dog, which garnered this gushing review in the NY Times a few days ago.

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Born To Cry @ Hope Gallery

Aaron Rose's first solo show since the inaugural show at Alleged Gallery in 1992.

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