New Stuff

-JON RAYMOND'S book of short stories, 'Livibility' with cover art by CHRIS JOHANSON. Includes the stories that inspired the films Old Joy and Wendy & Lucy

-From Alleged Press comes the first retrospective book on MIKE MILLS. 'Graphic Films' is a stunning hardcover comprehensively covering his diverse and prolific career: music vids, album art, publications, posters, textiles, installations, films, documentaries, etc

-Deluxe three-volume, paperback, box version of ROBERTO BOLANO'S '2666'

-'Light On The Sidewalk - vol 2'. Another zine of sidewalk photo portraits by MIKE PISCITELLI

-AMRA BROOKS stories collection, 'California'. The first book of short stories published by Teenage Teardrops!

-Reissue of '2 1/4' by WILLIAM EGGLESTON and also 'Lost in Canton', including a DVD of the film and book of stills - out of print for 35 years!

-Finally available! 'Tales from Greenfuzz' #3, comic by WILL SWEENEY. Also limited button sets! Check out his solo show at Hope!

-'Pigxote' by HARMONY KORINE - a new Nieves book of stills from a recent solo show in Nashville


-;4900 Colors' is another playful GERHAND RICHTER experiment

- On PPM comes two new releases: ABE VIGODA'S 'Reviver' and GUN OUTFIT'S 'Dim Light'. CD and LP

-5 new DVDs of homemade films by RAYMOND PETTIBON from way back

-'Cravan' by ARTHUR CRAVAN includes contributions by: Carlos Amorales, Roger Lloyd Conover, Marc Dachy, Jonathan Hammer, Orlando Jimenez, Francis Naumann, Adrian Notz, Jonathan Meese, Caroline Pachoud and Kerim Seiler

-A big fat MARCEL DZAMA book, 'Even the Ghost of the Past', includes a DVD and an interview conducted by SPIKE JONZE

-Speaking of SPIKE JONZE, 'Sonny' is a new limited Nieves zine of photos Spike took of a fellow named Sonny

-Book of 60s silkscreened prints by Zurich painter VERENA LOEWENSBERG (1912-1986)

-New gigantic book of Polaroids by DASH SNOW from Peres

- Mcsweeney's #30 with new stories by CARSON MELL, MICHAEL CERA, KEVIN MOFFATT

-DARIO ARGENTO'S 'Four Flies on Grey Velvet' on DVD, full and uncut

-From Decathlon Press comes two new books by MISAKI KAWAI and TODD JORDAN

-Hand-painted Drawlings CDR's by ABBY PORTNER of Rings fame


-LUIS BUNUEL'S 'Simon of the Desert' on Criterion DVD

-Another amazing book on tape by MATTHEW THURBER - 'Sherlock Holmes and the Large Door'

- Fillip issue 8. Mucho art text

-MICHAEL POWELL and EMERIC PRESSBURGER'S 'The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp' on DVD

If you're out of town and desire an item, email us your order or enquiry -

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Oh whoa

We have a lot of new stuff in the shop, so much new stuff that all I
can show you is Kramer holding the Simon Of The Desert DVD we got a
few weeks ago. I haven't seen it but I just watched the other Luis
Bunuel DVD criterion just dropped, The Exterminating Angel, and if
it's anything like that one it's probably really good and surreal.

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Iconoclast Across the Street

Iconoclast Editions has opened a pop-up shop where the Alife pop-up shop used to be. It'll be open till April 11.

"The site-specific installation features new prints and editions as well as rare and signed pieces including artist books, sculpture, and other multiples."

There's work in there by Harmony Korine, Neil Farber, Jacob Dyrenforth, Ohad Meromi, Charley Harper, Lisi Raskin, Larry Clark, KAWS, Barry McGee, Ryan McGinley, Chris Johanson, Raymond Pettibon, Todd Cole, Mark Gonzales, Evan Hecox, Jo Jackson, Todd James, Takashi Homma, Os Gemeos, James Jarvis, Andy Jenkins, Spike Jonze, Ari Marcopoulos, Geoff McFetridge, Steve Powers, Mike Mills, Thomas Campbell, Terry Richardson, Mark Borthwick, Craig Stecyk, Ed Templeton, Henry Chalfant, Tobin Yelland, Clare Rojas, Antonio Adams, Cynthia Connolly, PAM, Andrew Pommier, KR, Cheryl Dunn and many more.

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Simon Evans NY Show

For those in NY, the great Simon Evans has a show at James Cohan Gallery opening Friday. Freak out. These new pieces are next level.

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Jon Raymond - Livibility

We have this book of short stories now. The films 'Old Joy' and 'Wendy and Lucy' were based on stories from this book (Jon wrote the scripts too). Also features a Chris Johanson cover. Much Portlandness going on.

“These stories stick with me and rival my own memories of inertia, isolation and wild invention in the Pacific Northwest. And like real life, they head in one direction but always end up in another. Jon Raymond has an impressive ability to recognize the tales that we all tell ourselves, and then quietly lead us back to reality—excruciatingly familiar and usually rainy.”
—Miranda July

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Poem Reading

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New shelf

MVP employee Jordan built this new shelf in the shop, it's currently
housing a bunch of new nieves zines we got plus five raymond pettibon
DVDs that all cost $50 and contain who knows what.

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Vibes live @ Boom Poster Show

Thanks to CAITLIN C MITCHELL for shots. Come check out the show before it comes down in a couple weeks.

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2 Blessed 2 B Stressed

Jacob Ciocci, member of Paper Rad, will be screening new work and performing at The Cinefamily this Sunday February 15th!
It's a rare trip west, so it's not to be missed. More info here.
Show starts at 8pm.

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Sale stuff

We got a head start on spring cleaning at the shop recently. Check out
these sale boxes next time you're in the shop, 50% off! Unheard of on

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The Cramps Live at Napa State Mental Hospital

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Mike Mills Night this Sunday!

Once a month The Cinefamily will host "Family Sundays", where we will bring in people we admire and respect--artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, comedians, or generally inspiring folk--to curate and introduce a night of films. First, they'll show lesser-seen short films that they've made, or that have been made about them--or that they just like. Afterwards, they'll show a feature that has personally influenced them, and finally they'll explain it all and take your questions too.
Kicking off the series is artist/designer/filmaker Mike Mills, whose work you probably know if you ever been in the store. He's directed music videos for Sonic Youth, Yoko Ono, Beastie Boys, Blonde Redhead and Ol' Dirty Bastard, as well as the film Thumbsucker, and the documentaries Does Your Soul Have a Cold? and Deformer (about Ed Templeton). Medium is less important to Mills' work than an encompassing vision that permeates all his diverse projects. Whether it's a television commercial, a watercolor painting, or a fabric design, everything Mills concocts is suffused by his current emotional and spiritual disposition. He has chosen to show and share his thoughts about Istvan Szabo's Lovefilm, a lesser-known 1970 masterpiece from the Czech New Wave.

Tickets are $12, and the show starts at 8pm.

We have an amazing roster of people planned for future Family Sundays, so stay tuned....

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Will Sweeney's Overgrown flier

Here's the flier for Will Sweeney's show at Hope! So amped! It will also be a limited two-color silkscreened poster available at the show.

Overgrown will offer a comprehensive cross section of Sweeney's work: a series of new drawings in pencil and ink, a large intricate collaborative piece with Susumu Mukai, several brand new prints, samples of Sweeney's illustration work, and a selection of original pages from the latest issue of Sweeney's ongoing comics series, Tales From Greenfuzz. We'll also have brand new Alakazam shirts, rare Zongamin records, and the brand new toy, SU2CV (w/ Frite Gunner Kommandant).

Sadly, this also means it's the last weekend of Aaron Rose's show. If you haven't been over yet, it comes highly recommended by critics throughout Echo Park.

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William Eggleston's Stranded in Canton

We just got in William Eggleston's pioneering video work Stranded In Canton. It's restored and reformed and finally available after 35 years as a DVD inside a handsome hardcover book. The book from Twin Palms contains forty frame enlargements from the digital re-master, a brief appreciation from Gus Van Sant, and a DVD of the 77-minute film itself, along with bonus footage and an interview with Eggleston.

Here's the film in its entirety:

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Will Sweeney Solo Show @ Hope Gallery

On February 14 Hope will host Will Sweeney's first solo show in the States. Sweeney will be coming all the way from London and the show will coincide with the release of the 3rd issue of Sweeney's comic book series, Tales From Greenfuzz. We are beyond honored about this. Besides creating Kleptikos & Periwinkle, a.k.a. The Kebab Twins, Sweeney, along with Susumu Mukai is the artist behind all those Alakazam t-shirts and prints. Also with Mukai, Sweeney plays lead guitar in the band Zongamin.

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Prophets of 1981

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