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Dark Hand and Lamplight

I guess about two years ago now, we had a Kramers Ergot event at the Hammer Museum, where amongst films, readings, and slides, one of those totally memorable things happened in the form of a performance by toronto based artist Shary Boyle. Shary was someone whose work had always blown me away-the first time I saw her work was at a friend's house, going through a box of mini comics. It had no name on it, no contact info, and some of the most powerful single images I had ever seen. Presumably based on dreams, they depicted a haunting and familiar world that was sexual, mysterious, and intensely personal. One drawing in particular, of a cluster of tiny horses galloping from under a girls bed, stuck in my mind sharply for at least another two years, by which time I finally found out more about the artist, saw more of her incredibly varied work (porcelain sculpture, oil painting, paper cut outs, models, watercolors, miniature clay sculpture), and got the opportunity to publish a series of watercolors she did in Kramers Ergot 6. And I reckon her work in that issue is some of the best I ever got to publish in any issue.
Anyway, I had the museum fly Shary in because I knew, however vaguely, that she did live drawing/performance, but I wasn't (nor I think anyone in the audience) quite prepared for how powerful her piece was going to be. Her's was the last of the evening, and it was a killer. When it was all over and the lights where up, the audience was genuinely stunned by it, their mouths agape, eyes wide. The feeling in the air was we were all lucky to have caught it. She somehow expanded upon the dark beauty and timeless mystery found in her painting and created it out of nothing in an actual physical space.
Soon after, she went on tour as the opening act on Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's next west coast tour. This time with live accompaniment from Doug Paisley, and the duo now titled Dark Hand and Lamplight. Supposedly it was even better than the Hammer performance.We are happy to announce that Dark Hand and Lamplight are coming back to LA for two performances. First at the Cinefamily on Thursday, May 1st, then at the Hammer Museum Wednesday May 7th. Shary tells me both performances will be different, so I am sure after you come to the Cinefamily event, you'll be lining up at the museum for the second.
On top of that, Shary's new monograph, Otherworld Uprising, comes out the same week! So come check it all out.(You can check Dark Hand and Lamplight on Myspace too for more info)

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Sissy Spacek Installation this Sunday.

Please join us this Sunday, April 20 from 7pm-9pm for a one night only unique sound installation put together by Sissy Spacek (John Wiese, Corydon Ronnau, & Jesse Jackson) fresh off a recent west coast tour! The band has just released a new album "French Record" as well as "California Ax", an extensive 4-CD boxset that includes three all new studio albums PLUS a recording of their 13-tet show that took place back in December at The Smell. Both will be on sale starting Sunday to accompany the installation. See you there, Family

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On April 20th the often-spoken-of-but-rarely-seen Sissy Spacek (John Wiese, Corydon Ronnau & Jesse Jackson) are setting up a unique sound-installation piece here in the shop for one night only and we/they need your help!

Do you own a boombox with a CD player? Preferably one that can plug into a wall? If so, please email us @ familylosangeles @ hotmail dot com and write "sissy spacek" as your subject so it doesn't get filed* into the wrong folder. We/they are going to need at least TEN boomboxes so even if you don't have a boombox you could tell one of your friends who might.

This event is also the end of their west coast tour they are on right now (actually they are playing the smell the next night, monday April 21, but we can share the end I think) & if that wasn't incentive enough the band just dropped a massive FOUR CD boxset that includes a recording of the 13-tet show they played back in december at the smell (a set that included members of all your favorite rising-star bands, too many to list in fact) and we will have them here starting that night.

*thrown away

bonus egg youtube footy of the band from 2005:

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"Imagine if Fellini had lived in a trailer in Arkansas instead of Rome."

The above quote is from the London Times writing about Phil Chambliss. Chambliss is America's first folk-art filmmaker. He's lived his entire life in Calhoun County, Arkansas. He never went to film school or college, never took a class or read a book on filmmaking. The films he managed to see - Sergio Leone's For a Few Dollars More, the entire Peyton Place television special, and a particular episode of The Rifleman in which Lee Van Cleef plays Johnny Drago - led him to take the 95 bucks his then-wife had saved for a new icebox, and spend it instead on a movie camera. With camera in tow, he wrangled some friends into acting, and went on to create a body of work that includes dozens of bizarre, brilliant, idiosyncratic films, shot over the course of several decades. Phil's films are a revelation, full of unexpected humor, complex social commentary, and a strong, almost suspended, sense of time and place. The first Los Angeles presentation of his singular work is tomorrow night, at The Silent Movie Theatre with Chambliss in attendance.
Not the sort of thing that comes through town often, so the adventurous among you shouldn't miss it.

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