Chester Brown, we miss you.

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Matthew Thurber Movie Night!

From the Horses mouth:

Come check out the debut of Moon Tube! With a slide show by Sonja Ahlers of Canada, and a drum car performance. This TUESDAY at Cinders, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, USA!

"Moon Tube" is a collection of six short films written and directed by Matthew Thurber. They were filmed from April 18-24 during a residency at the Thirty Days NY temporary space curated by the Family bookstore.
The goal of the project was to accomplish filming the scripts by any means necessary, and to generate as much narrative content as possible under the time constraints, shooting only indoors, while staying true to the fantastical nature of the scripts. The movies were made with an all-volunteer cast; hand painted, 2D sets in the silent-film style; costumes sewn at blinding speed sometimes on the morning of the shoot; and copious amounts of wine to induce Dionysian frenzy.



Rebecca Bird
Raven Burnett
Brian Belott
Larry Carlson
Pat Conlon
Brian Derballa
Gabe Fowler
Amanda Friedman
Nathan Gelgud
Haisi Hu
Jenni Knight
David Kramer
Sarah Soquel Morhaim
Annie Pearlman
Sarah Richardson
Steve Schmitz
Meryl Smith
Matthew Thurber
Dan Torop

Interstitial Music, score, and Theme song provided live by an on-site performance of: FAT WORM OF ERROR .

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Calling All Film Nerds.

One of things we try to do at Family, is bring in stuff you can't easily get on Amazon or at Borders. That's the fun of it right, you're going to find stuff you didn't even know existed. And we do a pretty god job of it, for the most part. But the one area of the store I always feel like we could push harder on, is the DVD section. Sure we have copies of Cartune Xprez and Cinemad, but the vast majority of dvds is stuff that is easy to find.
With that in mind, we (okay, just me, actually) have had two questions about our customers that have been bugging me for awhile. One, do our customers have blu ray players, and 2) do they have all region players, (and within that question is, do they have all-region blu ray players)? This has been on my mind lately, and we have slowly been adding blu rays to the shelves. But I figure now is the perfect time to truly test the waters, dig deep, and see what's what, with the recent UK releases from Arrow Video.
They just released a slew of incredibly nice editions of Fulci, Franco, Russ Meyer, and Romero movies, some not available in the states at all, and others titles, while available here, are being given the sort of deluxe Criterion-style treatment their american editions are sorely lacking. For instance, check these out:

So yeah, you can get Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead on blu ray in the US, no problem. But these are packed with crazy special features, double sided reversible covers, poster inserts and extra goodies. Amazing stuff that if you're a fan of these movies, you totally want.
And what about nice editions with awesome extras of these classics:

Holy Shit is right!

And everyone needs one of these in their house, obviously:

And if you're going to have one Italian screwball comedy in your collection, there is no other option than this:

All great stuff, and best of all, insanely affordable. Nothing over 30 bucks, and a bunch under $20. Except for the Russ Meyer box which is $75 for 18 movies-crazy good prices, way better than ordering from Amazon UK.
And more stuff is on the way. Arriving in the next few weeks are other imported titles, like copies of the great Burt Lancaster/John Cheever movie, The Swimmer, Ozu blu rays, a handful of British "Kitchen Sink" dramas, like The Taste of Honey and The Pleasure Girls, and a blu ray box set of Kenneth Anger films.
So let us know. June and July are the test months to see if any one gives a crap for all this stuff besides me. Hope people do, otherwise we won't any have an excuse to get these:

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Secret Circuit

Eddie Ruscha's latest music project, Secret Circuit, is playing tomorrow night at Family for the Marcelo Gomes' opening. Here's samplings:

Marcelo is conducting a 35mm slide show too so laggers beware

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Drew Friedman Coming Soon!

The "Vermeer of the Borscht Belt", Drew Friedman, has been blowing our collective minds for years. I first saw his crazy comic strips (done with his brother Josh Alan Friedman) where C-list jewish comedians and character actors (and Tor Johnson!) lived in a perpetual fifties New York full of anxiety and sleaze in Art Spiegelman's Raw magazine. Amazing to say the least. Since those early days, he has been published in just about every magazine you can imagine, and done some of the most iconoclastic celebrity portraits this side of Hirschfeld. No artist alive brings as much craft, humor, personality and timelessness to portraiture like Friedman. His collections include Old Jewish Comedians, The Fun Never Stops, More Jewish Comedians, and the forthcoming Too Soon? .
On Sunday June 13th, he's making a rare trip out to LA, and we are psyched to be having him over at Family where author and journalist Ben Schwartz will host a conversation with the artist, followed by a book signing.
Starts at 7pm!

BONUS: Drew just posted a lengthy blog post on Drawger on twenty years of drawing Howard Stern.
P.S. I pulled most of these images off Drew Friedman's awesome prints site which is worth a look around.

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Exploding, Still by Marcelo Gomes w/ Secret Circuit Live

Exploding, Still
By Marcelo Gomes
June 3 - July 2

Family Back Room Gallery

Opening Party: Thursday / June 3 / 7 - 10pm

Performance by Secret Circuit


Brazilian photographer Marcelo Gomes' photos tend toward the blearily-focused and askew, his landscapes, nudes, and abstract forms awash with sunlight and saturated color. The work has the foggy nostalgia of a photographed memory, with flashes of blissed-out transcendence. Exploding, Still is Gomes first solo exhibition in Los Angeles

Based in New York and São Paulo, Gomes' photography is regularly featured in New York Magazine, as well as The Journal, Dossier, and Tokion. Gomes has two books published by Hassla, most recently Taciturn Heart. His photography was recently exhibited at BAMart (Brooklyn) as part of 'younger than i'll be'

Secret Circuit is a new musical project of Eddie Ruscha (Food of the Gods, Future Pigeon, Medicine, Radar Bros)

"We looked up Secret Circuit, Ruscha's new project, excited by the lack of extraneous consonants, and found it to be thoroughly cosmic. Dude has got a thing for vintage sounds, krautrock keyboards and hippie handdrums, like he's writing the soundtrack to an imaginary European '70s version of Weeds." -FADER

436 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles CA 90036

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