Kinski Box Art

Courtesy of Scarecrow Video, Enjoy.

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take a minute for yourself

summer is winding down, autumn is approaching, take a minute and just remember everything is going to be alright and the newest time is the best time.

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No one belongs here more than you.

This is a really great website.

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Mystery Solved!

less than 3 hours after posting our nagging movie question we got a winner! Edward Davis said fortress, and after bit of online digging, turns out he is totally correct. turns out it's australian, shot in '86, and stars rachel ward as the teacher. also, its written by the guy who wrote the monser pig movie, razorback. sweet.
edward, email us your address at a gift of gratitude is coming.

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we need your help!
Name this movie:
Shot in the late seventies/early eighties.
Takes place in a rural area in late fall/winter.
Features gunmen in animal masks. Not pull-over latex ones that go over the entire head, but plastic ones that just go over the face. I distincly remember a duck faced guy with a shotgun. Maybe they are wearing overalls too.
They terrorize a schoolhouse.
A scene where the female teacher leads the kids inside some under water type caverns.
A scene where the teacher, with kids in tow, finally arrive at a farmhouse and as she bangs on the door for help and the nice old farmer answers the door and she thanks him profusely explaining the horror she's gone through, the door opens wider and we see the animal masked gunmen inside thre farmhouse!
thats all I remember
I saw this movie when I was a kid and terrrrrrrrified me. a few people I've mentioned the above fragments to remember it as well, but not the title. special prize to the one with the right answer.

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i just found out david and i use the same model of toothbrush, although he denies using the tongue-scraper on the reverse side. this job just got a whole lot more interesting...

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The awesome brent green is in LA

Note to all LA area people who didn't get the memo: The very radical Brent Green is showing a selection of his stop motion films, with live soundtrack (played by Green himself) tomorrow night at the Silent Theatre. You won't want to miss this, its a special thing.
Get tickets here

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Brother Reade

Brother Reade played on Sunday 5th August. It was packed. It was awesome. If you didn't make it, you missed out.

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before i leave

top 10 blogs better than my portion of the posts on this one: (though rarely updated) (maybe the best one, yeah, it's the best one i listed) (good too) (really funny and smart) (smart) (nice drawings) (kind of weird dudes) (music) (sobered) (not a blog but just a really great site by a rad dude)

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