Peter Sutherland's Hot Coals Only

Opening Reception: Sunday, May 10 1 - 4 (Daytime barbeque opening)

Hope Gallery is proud to host Hot Coals Only, an exhibition of photography and video by Peter Sutherland. Opening includes a street barbeque. A complete catalogue of the exhibition will be available at the gallery, published by Seems Books.

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Thomas Jeppe

Those in Sydney Australia should not miss this!

Take The Edge Off

Thomas Jeppe's recent solo exhibition The Height of Elegance, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, was very well received earlier this year and his first solo show in Sydney will be opening Friday May 1st, 2009. The exhibition will consist a series of large-scale colour paintings on canvas supported by monochrome paintings on paper and a major sculptural work.

Jeppe is the Founder of Serps Press, Associate Editor/Photography Editor of WON Magazine and Editor/Curator of the NowNow online gallery. Publications include Home Made Tattoos Rule (Serps Press, 2006) and The Changes: The Times They Are The Changes (essay text, Nieves/Pambook/MU, 2008). Exhibitions include Do You Remember What it Was?, Utopian Slumps, 2007, Everything Forever, Rear End Gallery, Melbourne and Palm Court Gallery, Perth, 2007 and Fabulous Mysteries, Keith & Lottie Gallery, Perth, 2006.

Take The Edge Off will showcase a new major body of work from Jeppe.

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Jack Cardiff (1914-2009)


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Frownland This Weekend.

Frownland, directed by Ronald Bronstein, is a very special movie having a rare four day run at The Cinefamily over the next couple days, and I highly urge you to go see it. I put it on my best of the year list for 2007, and agree with everything I wrote then:

Watching it the first time, I didn't know really what to think. Sure it reminded me of Basket Case and Martin in its visual style, and in part Lodge Kerrigan and Mike Leigh in it's thematic approach, and I could see the worth in it's literally tight focus on a truly disturbed ingratiating character but it was hard to deal with (and hard to decipher how much of that was intentional). It's not a movie that helps the viewer along at all. And as you find the film's rhythm, it gets even harder. But I haven't stopped thinking about the movie since I saw it earlier this year and rewatching it with an audience the other day I was struck by how much better it was on repeat viewing and how funny it is-the audience was laughing throughout. If it shows up at a festival near you or on dvd, its definitely worth a look.

Go see it. For a movie with practically no domestic distribution it's gathered a nice following so far, with favorable write ups in The New Yorker, Film Comment, Filmmaker Magazine, and The New York Times.
For showtimes go here.
And Cinemad just posted an insightful interview with Bronstein as well.

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Thanks to everyone who threw money in the hat for Higgs' tour! Show was so so good.

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Mike MIlls 'Graphics Films' Book Launch Thursday! 7:30

April 23, Thursday, 7:30 - Join us for an intimate slide show and discussion with designer/filmmaker/artist Mike Mills to launch his new retrospective book, 'Graphics Films'. Discussion and q+a will be moderated by Aaron Rose.

Graphics Films is the first retrospective monograph on one of the hardest-working men in contemporary creative culture. For more than 15 years, Mike Mills' works in the fields of design and film have determined the visual landscape of our times. Graphics Films is a painstakingly produced document of Mills' career to date, including many never-before-seen examples of his works in graphic design, installation, publications and film projects. Past projects by Mills include music videos for Air ("Sexy Boy"), Blonde Redhead ("Top Ranking"), Yoko Ono ("Walking on Thin Ice") and Bran Van 3000 ("Afrodiziak") and album cover designs for the Beastie Boys (the Root Down EP), Sonic Youth (Washing Machine), Air (Moon Safari and Kelly Watch the Stars) and others. He has designed graphics and textiles for Marc Jacobs and created the identity for X-Girl Clothing, and has exhibited his unique graphic installations worldwide, with solo shows at Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York and Colette in Paris, among others. In 1996 Mills cofounded The Directors Bureau, a multidisciplinary production company, with Roman Coppola. Since then, he has directed an impressive slew of music videos and films including The Architecture of Reassurance (2000) and Paperboys (2001), both of which were official selections at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2004 he completed his first feature film, Thumbsucker (starring Keanu Reeves and Tilda Swinton), and he is currently at work on his second.

And here's Mike in the 90s playing bass with Butter 08 - along with Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto, Russell Simins of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Rick Lee of Skeleton Key!

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Bill Nace

Bill Nace will be playing with Dan Higgs Sunday.

"Guitarist Bill Nace keeps busy in the bustling western Massachusetts underground scene, and I’ve seen him turn up on more and more releases over the past five years—he plays spooky, chiming drones with the trio X.O.4, gnarly guitar noise with Thurston Moore as Northampton Wools, and bulldozing improv with free-jazz drummer Chris Corsano as Vampire Belt, to name just a few of his projects. On 2006’s excellent Key Cutter (Load)—Nace, Corsano, and Boston sound artist Jessica Rylan (aka Can’t), performing as Vampire Can’t—he pumps out massive slabs of noise that teeter between skull-softening feedback and lava-tube rumble. A 2008 trio session with Moore and free-jazz saxophonist Paul Flaherty, released on Ecstatic Peace, is a screaming freak-out that’s equal parts assaultive energy and raw expressionism—a welcome quality in an idiom where it’s often hard to pick up on any emotional content whatsoever. On a 2007 solo cassette, Nace strikes a relatively serene pose, shaping ominous drone and clanky noise into concise vignettes." - Chicago Reader

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Roomba Driver

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Daniel Higgs Live at Family! Sunday, April 19, 7pm - Free

Join us for a rare performance by the legendary Daniel Higgs - frontman of the band Lungfish and visual artist.

Higgs weaves meditative, casually ruptured drones using acoustic and electric guitar, banjo and jew's harp.

"Music can be defined as True or False, with authority, as it is perceived into the psycho-spiritual- architectonic construct, that is, the unique orientation and vantage of the listener (the musician is a listener). True music may behave as though False -- False music may behave as though True. And True music may become False, False becomes True." - Daniel Higgs

"Higgs is one of the very few contemporary artists who we would absolutely consider a sort of modern day shaman. A musical alchemist, an artistic cypher, an abstract philosopher, a strangely charismatic, yet disarmingly humble master of any artistic endeavor he puts his mind to. For those new to the work of Daniel Higgs, he's a legendary (but now retired) tattoo artist, an incredible painter, whose paintings are at once hallucinatory and gorgeous (one painting adorns the cover of Leviathan's Tentacles Of Whorror record) and of course an incredible musician, whose sonic experiments range from the mesmeric riffrock of his band Lungfish, to an entire record of solo Jew's harp. But in addition to being an incredible lyricist, an amazing vocalist, and a master of the Jew's harp, Higgs is also a seriously mean guitar (and banjo) player, with a style and sound as familiar as it is totally alien. A gorgeous buzzing steel string drift through the cosmos. Lengthy droning ragas, that drift hypnotically from deconstructed Appalachia to John Cale like slow- shifting skree (joined on those tracks by violin), to moody melancholy crawls, to thick serpentine swirls of snake charmer melody and reverberating steel string shimmer. Raw and lo-fi for sure, but so darkly emotional, and dreamily hypnotic." - Aquarius

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Barkley's Barnyard Critters

Made by the dude in Lightning Bolt. A bunch more cartoons here. There's also a pretty amazing Barkley's dvd that was released by Load Records a couple years ago that's worth checking out.

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Devin and Gary

I just stumbled across this old footage of Gary Panter and Devin Flynn at Family on youtube a while back.

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